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Building Tight Homes

When it comes to homes, two of the main culprits for an inefficient and uncomfortable living space are ventilated attics and crawlspaces. The main issue with ventilating attics and crawlspaces is the free exchange of outside air with inside air, which allows the pleasant, clean, conditioned indoor air escapes from the living space. So, these […]

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Old House Retrofit

Retrofit of the old house. Closed cell foam at 3 to 4″ on the walls allowed to seal all the voids on the bare wall of the house. Originally built in 1959, house was in the very bad shape before the foam application with rodents infestation and visible wood siding rot. Closed cell spray foam […]

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Can You Ventilate The Home With Attic Air ?

I’ve seen some crazy things done to homes. It’s usually someone’s attempt to make things better. Sometimes that someone is a homeowner or other occupant. Sometimes it’s a contractor. But it always seems to be a solution to a problem that creates other problems. It’s just like they say: Our biggest problem is solutions. So […]

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Spray Foam Insulation As An Effective Air Barrier Component

Insulation standards specialist, Peter Birkbeck, was recently invited by trade publication – Construction Canada – to provide an insight into how spray foam insulation, can help architects and builders meet air barrier requirements set forth in the National Building Code of Canada and the National Energy Code of Canada. hroughout the article, Peter discusses the benefits of […]

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